Emirates International Investment Company LLC (EIIC) is a prominent investment firm headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. As part of the National Holding group, EIIC has solidified its position as a top-tier investment company in Dubai and the broader UAE. This article explores EIIC’s role, its diversified investment strategies, and its impact on the UAE’s economic landscape.

Overview of EIIC

Established to drive growth and diversification within the UAE’s economy, EIIC has grown into a powerhouse of strategic investments. The company’s mission is to identify and capitalize on high-potential opportunities across various sectors, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the UAE.

Investment Strategies and Sectors

EIIC’s success can be attributed to its diversified investment portfolio and strategic approach. The company invests across a range of sectors, ensuring a balanced and resilient investment strategy.

1. Real Estate

One of EIIC’s primary investment areas is real estate. The company has a robust portfolio that includes residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. Emirates International Property Services, a subsidiary of EIIC, manages these properties, ensuring they are optimized for maximum returns. These real estate ventures not only generate significant revenue but also contribute to the urban development of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

2. Healthcare

EIIC is committed to enhancing the healthcare sector in the UAE through strategic investments. By supporting innovative healthcare solutions and infrastructure projects, EIIC aims to improve the quality of healthcare services available to residents and position the UAE as a hub for medical excellence.

3. Hospitality

The hospitality sector is another key area of investment for EIIC. The company invests in luxury hotels, resorts, and hospitality services, capitalizing on the UAE’s booming tourism industry. These investments help in attracting international tourists and boosting the local economy.

4. Industrial Ventures

EIIC’s industrial investments focus on sectors such as manufacturing and energy. By investing in advanced industrial projects, the company contributes to the UAE’s goal of becoming a leading industrial economy. These ventures also support job creation and technological advancements within the country.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the core of EIIC’s investment philosophy. The company continually seeks out innovative technologies and business models that can drive economic growth and sustainability. This forward-thinking approach ensures that EIIC remains competitive in an ever-evolving global market.

Economic and Social Impact

Through its diversified investment portfolio, EIIC significantly contributes to the UAE’s economic and social development. The company’s investments create job opportunities, support the development of critical infrastructure, and foster entrepreneurship. EIIC’s role in these areas aligns with the UAE’s broader vision for economic diversification and sustainable growth.

Global Reach and Partnerships

EIIC leverages its extensive global network to identify and seize international investment opportunities. By forming strategic partnerships with leading global entities, EIIC enhances its investment capabilities and expands its reach beyond the UAE. This global perspective allows EIIC to remain adaptable and responsive to international market trends.


Emirates International Investment Company LLC (EIIC) stands out as a leading investment firm in the UAE, thanks to its strategic vision, diversified portfolio, and commitment to innovation. As part of the National Holding group, EIIC continues to play a pivotal role in driving the UAE’s economic growth and diversification. For those looking to understand the dynamics of investment in the UAE, EIIC exemplifies excellence and strategic foresight.

By Faith